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The International Conference Instruments for Industry 4.0 will be host paralel to the Fairs. The topic of the conference is dedicated to the concept of Industry 4.0 in a context of ongoing activities for emergence of Polish Platform for Industry 4.0. A major focus is to response to future challenges in the era of Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The superior aim of Ptak Warsaw Expo is an enhancement of the Polish economic landscape by stimulating debate, sharing knowledge and experience amongst the conference participants and broader the Fairs clients. Ensuring the highest level of the content delivery the organisers established the Program Council which consist of experienced group of leaders representing various sectors of Polish industry. The aim of council was to prepare the Program of the Conference which will become an inspiration and support for all government, science and entrepreneurs operating in the Polish market who are facing the forefront challenge of the Forth Industrial Revolution.

Therefore in the scope of the conference there are numerous seminars, panels and workshops with the participation of main leaders from the world of science and industry.


5G Network as a critical infrastructure for development of Industry 4.0
Cyber security – protection of devices and data from external attacks
Application of IIoT within the Industry 4.0
Cloud computing and its challenges
Concept of Digital Innovation Hubs as systemic solutions for knowledge transfer
Optimization of production processes, elimination of errors, ensuring the smooth growth of resources
Engineer 4.0 for Industry 4.0 perceived as an adjustment of higher education system to the needs of digitalized and automatized industry
Enhancement of implementation of scientic solutions to production plants-Opportunities and hazards arising from implementation of new solutions
Fundings for R&D&I activities toward Industry 4.0
Opportunities for development of start-ups ecosystem within the Industry 4.0

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