Closer to the Industry 4.0


Place: Conference Room, no.1 Hall BDate: November 8, 2021


PTAK Warsaw Expo will be a place of discussion about key problems and prospects for the industry. For the fourth time, the “Instruments of Industry 4.0” conference will be held at Ptak Warsaw Expo. This year’s edition of the conference will be held under the slogan “Closer to industry 4.0”. The speakers, based on their own experience, will guide entrepreneurs through the entire process of implementing innovative solutions for production plants, which by streamlining the process of “green and digital transformation” of enterprises – bring closer the implementation of the vision of the Industry of the Future. Participants will learn: what challenges enterprises face when deciding to digitize the plant, and how to meet them. Representatives of well-known and reputable companies will share their experiences.

4th edition of the Conference “Industry 4.0 Instruments”

The conference takes place on November 8, 2021 and accompanies the International Fair of Innovative Industrial Solutions Warsaw Industry Week (08-10.11.2021)
Date : November 8, 2021
Venue : Conference room Pavilion B
Organizers :
– Future Industry Foundation
– Ptak Warsaw Expo, organizer of the Warsaw Industry Week Fair
Conference Partner :
Metal Processing Cluster Białystok

Instruments Industries 4.0
the conference motto “ Closer to Industry 4.0

The conference will present measures and actions that facilitate the process of “green and digital transformation” of enterprises and thus bring the vision of the Industry of the Future closer.


Mr. Tomasz Szypuła, President of the Management Board of Ptak Warsaw Expo

Welcoming guests


Pan Sebastian Rynkiewicz, Prezes Klaster Obróbki Metalu, Krajowy Klaster Kluczowy



Mr. Piotr Dardziński, President of the “Łukasiewicz Research Network”

Cooperation of science and research institutes of the Łukasiewicz Network with industry


Speeches and presentations:

Conference moderator: Dr. Andrzej Soldaty
Founder of the initiative for Polish Industry 4.0

Methods and tools for assessing the company's readiness for transformation and directing changes, developing a strategy


Mr. Sebastian Lemieszek, Digital Tranasformation Advisor,
Recipe for digitization


Mr. Jerzy Greblicki, advisor to the Management Board of AIUT for industry 4.0
Analysis of production processes using AMR in the automotive industry
Integrated Production and Transportation Management Environment
Standardization of logistics processes

Methods and tools for developing the concept of projects related to the implementation of the Industry 4.0 vision in the enterprise


Mr. Jakub Kwiatkowski, Solution Development Manager
Kaizen a Industry 4.0: How to build the Factory of the Future in small steps


Pan Łukasz Ślizak, Product Application Engineer
Bezpieczeństwo informacji w IIoT. Jak unikać ryzyka przy wchodzeniu w Przemysł 4.0


Mr. Jarosław Gołębiewski, Director of Technique & Application Center Festo sp.z o.o.
Artificial Intelligence: A fashionable slogan or technology ready to enter the production hall


Adam Małż, ABB Robotics and Discrete Automation business director
Safe way to the Factory of the Future.

DBR 77

Mr. Piotr Wiśniewski CEO of the Robot Platform.
3D Studio – creating a technological community based on tools for virtual co-design of robotic stations.

"Test before invest" solutions - the possibility of practical knowledge and testing of solutions in the pre-implementation phase


Mr. Adam Piszczatowski, Head of the Industry 4.0 Department
Industry 4.0 in practice from Bosch Rexroth
Laboratorium – Factory of the Future Lab
IoT Gateway – instant implementation with many benefits for the customer


Ms Karina Szewczyk, robotization expert
Demonstration centers of the Factory of the Future. From inspiration through education to transformation. How does robotization and digitization support the way to the Industry of the Future and where to experience it live?


Mr. Łukasz Szczepkowski, Regional Sales Manager
A breakthrough in bringing the Industry of the Future – Robotization Application Center and proven KUKA ready2_educate concept


Mr. Krzysztof Kamiński-CEO ALNEA

Methods and tools for calculating the return on investment in Industry 4.0


Mr. Jędrzej Kowalczyk
Investing in modern robotic technologies – cost analysis

Instruments of financial support for investments in Industry 4.0


Mr. Dariusz Sokulski, Director of the Energy & amp; Performance Services at Smart Infrastructure
Increasing the efficiency of a production enterprise without financial outlays on the part of the entrepreneur ”- a new model of business and technology cooperation


Ms Ola Sawicka, Project Manager FundingBox Accelerator as part of the I4MS initiative
European Cascade Funds for industry digitization.
How to get funds for the digitization of small and medium-sized enterprises in the industrial sector under the I4MS initiative.


Mr. Piotr Kryjom
Financial navigator of the Future Industry Platform – a tool for identifying financing opportunities for digital transformation projects of enterprises


discussion and exchange of comments, summary