Last year, in 2 exhibition halls, the visitors were able to get to know the offers of 380 exhibitors who presented the solutions addressed to builders and suppliers of machinery and road and rail vehicles, builders and suppliers in the automotive industry, shipbuilding industry, aeronautical industry, electric and electronic industry, as well as chief mechanics, precision mechanics, manufacturers of metal sheet and metal products, and surface finishing companies. Throughout the three days of industry-specific meetings, the visitors were able to get to know modern processing technologies, performance and efficiency improvement and manufacturing chain optimisation. All of this combined with presentations of anything from processing machinery to suppliers of precision tools. The presence of leaders of the market of robotics and automation allowed the visitors to learn about the opportunities of the use of robotics in a company and to get to know the modern technologies that increase the degree of automation and manufacturing performance, as well as solutions that boost competitive advantage in the market.

The fair’s formula combines presentation of large and small businesses with promotion of innovative solutions for the industry and sector-specific conferences and workshops.

You are welcome to join us for another edition of Warsaw Industry Week 2019.

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