Polish Soldering Championship 2021

This year’s Polish Soldering Championships will take place on November 8-10, 2021 during the Warsaw Industry Week. Competitors will compete in two categories.

The RENEX Soldering Championship is an annual industry event that has gained great recognition and interest among Polish specialists in the production and repair of electronic packages and has become a permanent fixture in the calendar of electronic industry events. This year’s edition of the Championships will be organized in cooperation with Warsaw Industry Week – the fastest growing industrial fair in Poland, which, as the organizers emphasize – will provide participants with even more attractions in one place.

The event has been organized for five years by RENEX Group – one of the largest and longest operating Polish companies in the electronics industry. As part of the established Technological and Training Center, RENEX specializes in providing a full range of products and services for companies producing and repairing electronic packages.

As commented by: Mrs. Marzena Szczotkowska-Topić and Mr. Predrag Topić, co-owners of RENEX Group – the company organizing the event:

We are happy to continue cooperation with PTAK Warsaw Expo – the organizer of the Warsaw Industry Week Fair. We are convinced that this combination of forces will ensure that this year’s edition of the Polish Soldering Championships will provide even more positive emotions in the spirit of sports competition. We invite everyone to participate – both players and fans. We are convinced that the situation in June will allow us to organize the event in a safe manner and meeting the expectations of all participants.



The participants, in accordance with the rules of the Championships, compete in two categories: Youth Polish Champion in Soldering, where the competitors are students and adepts of technical schools, and the Polish Champion in Soldering, where the competitors are representatives of electronics industry companies.

As every year, the organizers provide valuable prizes for the best players. The winners will receive material prizes in the form of professional devices and tools for electronics, as well as cash prizes. The RENEX Group – which is the organizer of the event and the sponsor of the Polish national team – will provide the winner of the Polish Champion in Soldering with preparations for the competition and cover the costs of transport and stay at the next European and World Championships.

The organizers will inform about registration and further planned attractions at the website: www.rsc.zone and on social media: www.facebook.com/RSC.zone/