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Summary of the Warsaw Industry Week 2023 fair

Statements by exhibitors


Visitors of the Warsaw Industry Week fair will include invited by us and the Exhibitors:

  • owners and technical directors of plants in various industries (transport, automotive, surface treatment, railroads, welding, metallurgy, plastic metalworking, furniture, varnishing)
  • heads of procurement at industrial plants
  • technical directors of production plants
  • managers and maintenance engineers at industrial plants
  • chief mechanics in industrial plants
  • CNC machine operators
  • manufacturers of sheet metal and metal products
  • constructors and designers of road and rail vehicles
  • engineers in the automotive, shipbuilding, aviation, electrical and electronics industries
  • precision mechanics
  • constructors and designers of machinery
  • owners and representatives of industrial surface finishing companies
  • chief power engineers
  • heads and engineers of research and development departments in industrial companies

Exhibitors at Warsaw Industry Week will include companies from the following sectors:

  • machine tool manufacturers
  • manufacturers of industrial cutting and forming systems
  • manufacturers and distributors of CNC machines
  • manufacturers and distributors of precision tools
  • manufacturers and distributors of industrial robots
  • manufacturers of industrial automation equipment and software
  • manufacturers of accessories, elements and components for automated production
  • manufacturers of industrial accessories and machine spare parts
  • manufacturers of automated production lines and workstations
  • manufacturers and distributors of software for industry
  • manufacturers and distributors of 3D equipment and software
  • manufacturers and distributors of workwear and accessories
  • manufacturers of hydraulic and pneumatic drives
  • manufacturers and distributors of lubricants for the industrial sector
  • manufacturers of electric drives
  • manufacturers of electrotechnical accessories and cabling
  • manufacturers of paints, varnishes and industrial chemicals
  • suppliers of financial and insurance services for industrial production


The following sectors and industries will be represented at Warsaw Industry Week:

Metalworking Zone

  • machines, equipment and technologies for mechanical metalworking
  • CNC machining centers

Paint industry zone

  • industrial paints and varnishes, coloring mixtures
  • installations and systems for wet painting
  • lacquering equipment

Zone Hydraulics and Pneumatics

  • equipment and components used in drives and valves
  • technical gases
  • lubricating materials

Zone Lasers 4.0

  • industrial lasers
  • software used in engraving

Welding zone

  • equipment and solutions used in welding
  • positioners
  • devices and equipment for welding and surfacing using MIG/MAG method

3D Printing Zone

  • industrial scanning
  • 3D printing
  • reverse engineering

Robotics and Automation Zone

  • automation and robotization of industrial processes
  • SCARA robots

Tool Zone

  • cutting tools for metalworking
  • cutting technologies
  • industrial engineering devices and materials

Woodworking zone

  • woodworking machinery, equipment and technologies

Software zone

  • visualization and simulation of processes
  • specialized CAD/CAM/CAE software
  • cloud computing

Zone of Services for Industry

  • financial services
  • insurance services


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