A good climate is conducive to the automation of processes

The offer of the LAB-EL company includes:

  • production, sale and rental of electronic control and measurement equipment for measurement, registration, signaling of exceeded threshold values, control and regulation;
  • application software for operating the offered instruments and systems;
  • service, installations, training on the offered devices and systems;
  • accredited calibration services of PCA AP 067;
  • accredited room microclimate testing services by PCA AB 679;
  • technical consultancy and expert opinions on apparatus and software;
  • development of project documentation;
  • validation and qualification of measurement systems according to GAMP 5.

Distinguishing features of the offered measuring instruments:

  • accurate measurements, reliability, easy operation;
  • remote measurement, digital data transmission, central and / or local reading, registration of results measurements;
  • easy transfer of measurement results;
  • full cooperation of the measurement system with the network computer, Intranet or Internet;
  • signaling of exceeding adjustable thresholds alarm and emergency;
  • delivery of instruments with sample certificates from accredited LAB-EL laboratory and a certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene admitting one hundred of thermometer use in the food industry;
  • modularity of the system, possibility of later expansion;
  • 24-mo. warranty, full application support, service, laboratory and documentation design and validation.

LAB-EL Automatyka
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