Second edition

6 – 8 november 2018

PL Tomasz Jastrzębski

„Our main reason for the decision to participate in the first edition of Warsaw Industry Week was their location. On the one hand, the place is well prepared as regards logistic infrastructure. On the other, it is located in an area where there was no wide exhibition offer directed to the companies in our trade so far. Attention should be paid to immense contribution of the organisers in the promotion of that event in the media and directly among potential visitors. The participation in the first edition of the fair always exposes its exhibitors to some risk, but thanks to a well prepared offer as well as commitment on the part of the organisers, our fears were alleviated. We hope that the event will become a regular in the calendar of industrial exhibitions in our country.”

Tomasz Jastrzębski, Commerce Director of Cloos Polska Sp. z o.o.

PL Magdalena Wasiuk

„We are very content that we visited Warsaw Industry Week 2016. The combination of traditional form of promotion and the possibility to hold seminars at our stand proved to be absolutely spot-on! Thanks to high turnout at the fair, our seminars were enjoyed not only by people invited beforehand, but also trade-related visitors. Warsaw Industry Week allowed us to establish new contacts and share experience with many people from our wing of business. Thanks to them we can build our position on the market.”

Magdalena Wasiuk, Marketing Manager at GravoTech Sp. z o.o.

PL Marlena Rukojć

„A huge advantage of the trade fair was the location and infrastructure such as modern floors, large parking lots and proximity of the airport. It is also worth noticing that the trade fair also invited such institutions as Metal Processing Cluster, Aviation Valley or Military University of Technology, which participated in the exhibition actively. Despite the fact that it was the first edition, representatives of major companies in the industry sector showed up: as visitors, if not as exhibitors. All fair participants emphasised that it is very promising and they expressed their willingness to take part in the edition organised next year. As the main Internet partner, Staleo.pl will be there for sure and it is inviting you to the event.”

Marlena Rukojć, Marketing Manager at Staleo.pl







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