Summary of Warsaw Industry Week 2023

Modern robots and the most interesting technological solutions. Warsaw Industry Week behind us

Warsaw Industry Week is the flagship event organized at Ptak Warsaw Expo. Its seventh edition attracted thousands of business visitors eager for contracting, networking, education and demonstrations of cutting-edge technologies. The success of the 2023 iteration has translated into planning for the next one, which will take place on October 22-24, 2024.

Warsaw Industry Week is the place where business needs meet cutting-edge technologies. It is the largest and most comprehensive industrial trade fair in Poland, presenting solutions for specific sectors of the industry. The Metalworking Zone showcased machines, equipment and technologies for mechanical metalworking, the Lasers 4.0 Zone showcased state-of-the-art lasers and software used in engraving, and the Robotics and Automation Zone showcased methods for automating and robotizing industrial processes and SCARA robots. In addition, visitors could learn about innovations in painting, hydraulics, pneumatics, welding, 3D printing, tools, woodworking, software and services for industry.

Why is Warsaw Industry Week such an important event for Polish industry?

Warsaw Industry Week is an important venue for Polish industry, as it helps integrate and strengthen the sector. According to analyses by the Central Statistical Office, the country’s industrial production is steadily declining. In July 2023, the research indicated its year-on-year slowdown of nearly three percent. This showed how important it is for the industry to get a boost and stimulate the sector’s prosperity. The event held at Ptak Warsaw Expo was their guarantor.

Warsaw Industry Week opened the Polish sector to international contracting, guaranteeing it the opportunity to establish partnerships with leading manufacturers, distributors and service providers from abroad. This made entering new markets easier, as well as guaranteeing a more secure business future.

What’s more, Warsaw Industry Week responded to the issues most relevant to Polish industry. This was possible thanks to the industry conferences that took place during the international fair. Instruments of Industry 4.0 dealt with better efficiency, sustainability, innovation in manufacturing operations through Industry 4.0 solutions. The theme of the PIME Conference during Warsaw Industry Week was smart energy – technologies, services, regulations. The Multiproject Technical Conference guaranteed knowledge on linear motors, SCARA robots, modular robots and the potential of Neura Robotics.

Also providing knowledge from specialists to specialists was the “Exhibitor Presentations and Trends” panel, where developers of innovative solutions presented their ideas to potential users. Among other things, they talked about innovation planning and financing, industrial digital transformation, modern scanners in the service of quality control or keys to security automation.

Warsaw Industry Week has been changing the face of Polish industry for years

Warsaw Industry Week has over the years earned its name as a leader in industry and innovation. Demonstrations of robotic solutions held during the event convince of the need to invest in cutting-edge technologies, and the presence of experts and sector leaders positively influences the growth of international competitiveness through cooperation.

Smart Energy - Technologies, Services, Regulations

Smart energy - technologies, services, regulations

Hall B
Room #1

Manufacturers are now facing a transition to Industry 4.0 facilities, forcing them to introduce more sustainable, efficient and innovative production lines. The manufacturing industry needs to reduce carbon emissions and is transitioning from fossil fuels to low-carbon alternatives. As energy is an integral part of everything we do, the implementation of industrial processes with increased energy efficiency will lay the foundations for an industrial energy transformation.

Conference Agenda

24-26 October 2023


3D energy: Digitalisation | Decentralisation | Decarbonisation

Session #1 - Regulations and Rules

12:00 - 12:30

Presentation: Energy market regulation for business - what we have and what lies ahead

12:30 - 13:00

PANEL DISCUSSION - Can industry be self-sufficient in energy?

– What has changed in terms of regulation for industrial energy consumers
– Requirements for industry to decarbonise production
– Regulations for captive energy production


  1. Sara Radzicka-Tolwaj, Bird&Bird
  2. Piotr Ciołkowski, CMS Cameron McKenna
  3. Michał Motylewski, DENTONS
  4. Piotr Kolasa, Polowiec i Wspólnicy

Session #2 - Energy Services

13:00 - 13:30

Remigiusz Szlendak


Presentation: Benefits of Providing Flexibility Services

13:30 - 14:00

PANEL DISCUSSION - The role of energy aggregators in Poland

-Benefits of collaboration between an aggregator and an industrial energy consumer.
-Will industrial energy consumers in Poland use aggregator services more frequently?
-What does the collaboration between industrial energy consumers and aggregators look like based on examples from other European markets?
-Industrial energy consumers as active players in the energy market (DSR, DSM, others).
-How to successfully implement an energy efficiency program in a company.


  1. Remigiusz Szlendak, Enspirion
  2. Jacek Misiejuk, ENEL X
  3. Grzegorz Nowaczewski, VPP
  4. Adam Jachowicz, ASE
  5. Dariusz Stańczak, Orange Polska
  6. Piotr Wypyszyński, Lerta Energy

Session #2 - Energy Technologies

14:00 - 14:30

Presentation: Modern technologies for managing energy consumer data for acquisition, transmission, analysis, processing, storage, sharing

14:30 - 15:00

PANEL DISCUSSION - How to use energy technology and IT systems to reduce company energy costs and achieve zero CO2 emissions

– Scalable energy storage
– Carbon-free energy sources
– IT technologies
– Monitoring of electricity, water and gas consumption using Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors


  1. Remigiusz Szlendak, Enspirion
  2. Jacek Misiejuk, ENEL X
  3. Grzegorz Nowaczewski, VPP
  4. Adam Jachowicz, ASE
  5. Dariusz Stańczak, Orange Polska
  6. Piotr Wypyszyński, Lerta Energy


11:00 - 11:20

Presentation: Report "Energy flexibility in Poland"- Andrzej

11:20 - 11:40

Presentation: Additional revenues through industrial flexibility - case
case study of a European leader in energy demand reduction
electricity, Dirk-Jan Middelkoop, International Partnership Director, SymPower

11:40 - 12:00

Presentation: Benefits of DSR services for energy consumers - power market and complementary flexibility services.- Jacek Misiejuk, ENEL X

12:00 - 13:00

PANEL DISCUSSION - How to effectively use the flexibility of energy consumers for the needs of the National System Electricity System

  • Whether and in what amount energy consumers will get paid for energy flexibility
  • When will flexibility services come into effect
  • What energy technologies to invest in in order to use them effectively In the flexibility market
  • What will the catalog of flexibility services look like
  • Can energy operators also provide flexibility services to energy consumers energy


  1. Dirk-Jan Middelkoop, SymPower
  2. Grzegorz Waldoch, Enspirion
  3. Jacek Stankiewicz, ELSTA
  4. Piotr Wypyszyński, Photon Energy Trading
  5. Adam Kędziora, CMS

Moderator: Grzegorz Onichimowski, PIME (NODES)


13:00 - 13:30

Krzysztof Kochanowski

Vice President of the Management Board of PIME

Presentation: PIME Report - Electricity storage market in Poland (second edition)

13:30 - 14:00

Presentation: PIME Report - Cold storage market in Poland (first edition)

First technical and economic part

Grzegorz Onyszczuk, Chairman of the PIME Expert Team for Cold Storage/Business Development Manager from Mar-Bud.

14:00 - 15:00

PANEL DISCUSSION - How to effectively use energy electricity, heat and cold in energy processes in an enterprise


  1. Grzegorz Wisniewski, IEO
  2. Piotr Drabecki, MADRA
  3. Mateusz Cieśluk, ASE

Moderator: Grzegorz Onyszczuk, PIME (Mar-Bud)

Contact to the Conference organiser:

Substantive support:
Krzysztof Kochanowski, Vice President of the PIME Management Board

Logistical and marketing support:
Katarzyna Bassa, office manager PIME
Tel. 530303073

Technical Quarterly "Obróbka Metalu

Technical Quarterly "Obróbka Metalu"

Technical Quarterly “Obróbka Metalu” is a professional magazine which raise the issue of treatment of metals. Our quarterly is addressed to professionals from mechanical sector, engineers, constructors, technologists, businessmen, producers: tools, appliances, machines and also to other firms cooperate with metal branch. Technical sciences present at columns of our magazine, new trends, technology, implementations are willingly read by workshops, small firms, medium-sizes companies and also big production plants.

Industry, development and innovation. The 6th edition of Warsaw Industry Week changed business

Industry, development and innovation.
The 6th edition of Warsaw Industry Week changed business

The sixth edition of Warsaw Industry Week, the fair of innovative industrial solutions, is behind us. It was packed with expertise and education that is transforming the industry.

Warsaw Industry Week, a compendium of industry knowledge

What distinguished the sixth edition of Warsaw Industry Week? Focusing on education and knowledge that can be acquired from top-class domestic and foreign experts. It was this event that guaranteed thousands of participants access to innovative information and news that develop business. At the same time, it has become a platform for exchanging views and ways of operating in the manufacturing industry.

This year, visitors could participate in the “Instruments of Industry 4.0” conference. During it, the challenges of the Polish industry, national research potential, optimization of design and manufacturing processes, validation of the concept of production lines and digitization were discussed. Lectures were given by Krzysztof Zaręba from the Ministry of Development and Technology, Piotr Dardziński from the Łukasiewicz Research Network or Jakub Sokolewicz from Siemens.

There was also a panel entitled “EnergyTech. Polish Energy for Polish Industry”. It was an event with a wide spectrum of topics. It addresses issues such as energy certification, cost of energy implementations of Industry 4.0 or green energy. The experts were Tomasz Biernacik, Anna Sapieha, Sebastian Jankowski, Andrzej Soldaty, Marcin Adamiak and Aleksandra Stępniak. Entrepreneurs operating in the varnishing industry also found something for themselves.

The conference “Paint shop in times of crisis” was a response to the current market and economic situation. A number of lectures concerned new technologies, cost optimization, paint recovery and reduction of organic compounds.

Warsaw Industry Week and an impressive number of industry sectors

During Warsaw Industry Week, every visitor could find something for themselves. All thanks to the exhibition zone, which presented the full range of the industry. You could take advantage of attractive offers and discounts in the area of metalworking, varnishing, hydraulics and pneumatics, lasers, welding, 3D printing, robotics and automation, tools, woodworking and software. There are no other events in the industry on such a large scale.

Numbers of Warsaw Industry Week.

During the sixth edition of the Warsaw Industry Week and Ptak Warsaw Expo event, 17,000 visitors visited the event, who got acquainted with the offers of over three hundred exhibitors. In addition, the participants could see over a thousand tons of machines and take part in over sixty lectures.

We invite you to the seventh edition of Warsaw Industry Week.

The interest in Warsaw Industry Week is growing year by year. We are all more than pleased to announce that the seventh edition of the event will take place on October 24-26, 2023! We encourage you to follow the official website of the event – There you will discover more exhibitors and attractions that will be waiting for you during the next edition of the fair.

Thank you for supporting the partners of the fair – Łukasiewicz Research Network, Metal Processing Cluster, Future Industry Platform, Infotec CNC and Industry 4.0 Center of the Silesian University of Technology. See you in a year!

In less than two weeks, Warsaw Industry Week!

The International Fair of Innovative Industrial Solutions, Warsaw Industry Week, is primarily a contracting event addressed to business representatives. Let’s meet at Ptak Warsaw Expo – the event has been organized since 2016.

During the fair, all branches of the industrial sector are presented: machines and tools for metal and wood processing, plastics processing, automation and robotization of industrial processes and software, industrial metrology, cutting and grinding, research and development, OHS and many others. The event is accompanied by a number of conferences and industry meetings.

The partners of the 5th edition of the “INDUSTRY 4.0 INSTRUMENTS” are the Platforma Przemysły o Przyszłości oraz Centrum Przemysłu 4.0 of the Silesian University of Technology. The program includes, a conversation on the integration of personal protective equipment with industry 4.0. We will also look at the subject of the paint shops in times of crisis – what opportunities and challenges the industry is facing and what innovations might revolutionize the business.

During the event, the offer of producers and distributors from the industry of metalworking machines, woodworking machines, cutting machine tools, CNC machine tools, plastic working machines, laser and water cutting machines, lathes, machining tools, CAD / CAM systems, software for industry, automation and robotics in industrial and production plants, as well as measuring tools and industrial metrology, maintenance engineering, industrial painting, welding equipment and other solutions for the broadly understood industry.

Huge space and a wide spectrum of themed showrooms allows you to learn about new products and solutions from key industry sectors developing in Poland. We invite you to the largest industrial fair in our country!

We hope to see you soon!

More information at:

Join us at Warsaw Industry Automatica

Join us at Warsaw Industry Automatica

WARSAW INDUSTRY AUTOMATICA is an event derived from the International Industrial Fair – WARSAW INDUSTRY WEEK, which has been successfully held at PTAK WARSAW EXPO for 5 years. Initially, it was one of the zones of industrial fairs, but seeing its dynamic development, as well as listening to the voices of the industry and the suggestions of exhibitors, we decided to organize a separate event, dedicated only to the automation and industrial robotics industry.

We want WARSAW INDUSTRY AUTOMATICA to become a leading event in Poland and a place for the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of automation and robotics.
Thanks to a wide industry spectrum
– you will learn about innovative technologies and trends
– you will increase your knowledge and skills
– you will change your business
The event is also a fantastic opportunity to explore and discuss the future
automation with industry leaders and experts.

More information at

Free registration at

Industry Week 2021 Summary

Industry Week 2021 Summary

The fifth edition came to an end. The largest industrial sector event in Central and Eastern Europe took place between 08.11.2021 and 10.11.2021.

What characterizes Ptak Warsaw Expo is not only the scale of our fair, but also the attention to detail and conscientiousness in the performance of our work. No wonder that this year’s edition of Industry Week turned out to be another great success. Hundreds of exhibitors presented their products, services and solutions, and thousands of industry customers appeared to establish valuable business contacts, deepen their knowledge of the market and trends prevailing on it.

Thousands visited us, and hundreds of exhibitors presented their products and services. The fifth edition gave visitors and exhibitors an unrivaled platform for discussion among world leaders in the sector.

This year’s edition was divided into 10 zones: Metal Processing, Painting, Welding, Robotics and Automation, Software, Laser Technologies – Lasers 4.0, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Wood Processing and Tools section.

Three fascinating conferences were held: Opportunities for participation of Polish entrpreneurs in orders of international organisations and the American army sationed in Poland.

Inherent in Industry Week – “Industry Instruments”. This year the conference was held under the slogan “Closer to Industry 4.0”. The speakers described to entrepreneurs the process of introducing new solutions to production plants, which by facilitating the process of “green and digital transformation”, bring closer the implementation of the vision of the industry of the future.

The vision of educating engineers. The competences of the future was a debate about good practices in the development of engineers’ competences. The debate was attended by representatives of industry, employees and students, and teaching institutions. The conference was organized in cooperation with the Jagiellonian University University.

It was also possible to take part in a seminar entitled: „Opportunities for Polish entrepreneurs to participate in the orders of an international organization and the American army stationed in Poland” and lectures of exhibitors such as Siemens or SEAM Group.

This year’s fair is another success on our list. We would like to thank everyone who appeared! We are glad that our customers have left the halls with signed contracts and are richer in the most up-to-date knowledge about the market, its trends and innovations.

See you next year!

More information at:

Video coverage from Warsaw industry week

Video coverage from Warsaw Industry Week

We invite you to the next edition of Warsaw Industry Week and our other events dedicated to the industrial sector.

Warsaw Industry Week - already with us…

Warsaw Industry Week - already with us…

The 5th edition of Warsaw Industry Week will be held on November 8-10, 2021. The fairs are already very popular, both from visitors and exhibitors. The list of companies that have already confirmed their presence during the International Fair of Innovative Industrial Solutions at Ptak Warsaw Expo is constantly growing and there are many indications that this year’s edition will once again be an excellent place for business development.

Warsaw Industry Week is an event that has been successfully attracting professionals who want to get to know the latest technological solutions in production to the Ptak Warsaw Expo exhibition halls for 6 years. The fair offers a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the countless number of products and devices, including market novelties. It is also a great opportunity to see how machines and tools perform in the production process.

During this year’s edition, visitors will be able to visit the stands of leading companies offering innovative solutions for the industry, such as: Beckhoff Automation, Multiprojekt Automatyka, Item, Fanuc Polska, Murrelektronik, Igus, Cormak, Metal-Technika Rafał Cygan, DIG Świtała, Centrum Maszyn CNC, Heverc, PAX PHU, IMF Electronic or Metal Technics Polska and many other.

The full list of registered exhibitors of the Warsaw Industry Week 2021 can be found at the link:

Due to the countless industries represented at the fair by exhibitors and visitors, Warsaw Industry Week is probably the richest industry event in Poland. The huge exhibition area dedicated to the organization of the event and the full infrastructure available on site give exhibitors unlimited opportunities to present their products. During the 5th edition of the industrial fair, participants will be able to see the offer of hundreds of companies operating in the field of metalworking, welding, varnishing, 3D printing, robotics, automation and many others. Modern and functional exhibition stands will emphasize the value of the presented assortment and will make it easier for visitors to communicate with company representatives and to get acquainted with the device or product they are interested in.

We kindly invite you to participate in the 5th edition of the International Fair of Innovative Industrial Solutions. See you at the fair!

ckhoff xplanar

XPlanar - a revolution in transportation

XPlanar - a revolution in transportation

During the 5th edition of Warsaw Industry Week, which will take place on November 8-10, 2021, Beckhoff will present the latest, innovative transport system – XPlanar. Bekhoff is a recognized brand, cooperating with partners all over the world – present in 75 countries on all continents.

The latest transport system – XPlanar, which will be displayed at the Beckhoff stand during the Warsaw Industry Week fair, is an innovative solution that starts a new era in transporting objects. XPlanar combines the advantages of a conventional approach and adds the effect of the free flow of products. As a result, it offers a wide range of new product handling functions within one machine or between several machines. As with autonomous vehicles, the user enjoys the freedom to freely move the media. Importantly, individual goods can be transported to any place, along any trajectory.

Levitating platforms

The phenomenon of the solution proposed by Beckhoff is the fact that platforms transporting products fly over special plates, which are an essential element of the system. This is possible thanks to the electromagnetic force, which maintains a constant distance between the platforms and the ground, so that they can move freely without hitting the ground. The tiles can be laid in any configuration, making it possible to flexibly install the communication route, while the software enables the continuous optimization of the transport path. The fact that the technology is based on electromagnetic force allows the platforms to move over walls and ceilings.

The platforms are fully mobile. With their help, it is possible to raise and lower transported objects within the range of 5 millimeters, and the ability of the platforms to perform a full rotation facilitates their appropriate positioning. What’s more, the platform also offers the possibility of weighing objects. Each single platform can be driven separately, which makes it possible to set a separate speed of one vehicle.

How it works?

XPlanar consists of flat drive modules, which, like rotary motors, consist of a set of coils and moving permanent magnets, passive elements used to transport products. Unlike rotary motors, in the XPlanar system, both coils and magnets are arranged in one plane.

Precise control of the coil current in the drive modules makes the passive pallets of permanent magnets slide smoothly over them, levitating over their surface. The compact drive modules are built end-to-end and contain all the components necessary for operation inside the housing. The electrically passive levitating paddles are not only particularly durable, but do not require any external systems to detect their position.

Apart from the pallets and drive modules, the only component required for operation is a Beckhoff industrial computer with TwinCAT 3 software and an EtherCAT cable. The real-time TwinCAT system works as a motion controller for levitating paddles and prevents collisions between them.

The innovative XPlanar system offers a wide range of applications, and also guarantees an increase in the efficiency of the production line and a reduction in production time.

XPlanar combines flexibility with the dynamics of linear motors, thus offering unrivaled optimization of production cycle times, including through the concept of product positioning also during processing. The use of levitating transport pallets that replace all mechanical elements – drastically reduces the costs of the application itself and its subsequent maintenance, and the use of as many as six degrees of freedom allows for a significant simplification of the mechanics of individual production stages.