Warsaw Industry Week - already with us…

Warsaw Industry Week - already with us…

The 5th edition of Warsaw Industry Week will be held on November 8-10, 2021. The fairs are already very popular, both from visitors and exhibitors. The list of companies that have already confirmed their presence during the International Fair of Innovative Industrial Solutions at Ptak Warsaw Expo is constantly growing and there are many indications that this year’s edition will once again be an excellent place for business development.

Warsaw Industry Week is an event that has been successfully attracting professionals who want to get to know the latest technological solutions in production to the Ptak Warsaw Expo exhibition halls for 6 years. The fair offers a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the countless number of products and devices, including market novelties. It is also a great opportunity to see how machines and tools perform in the production process.

During this year’s edition, visitors will be able to visit the stands of leading companies offering innovative solutions for the industry, such as: Beckhoff Automation, Multiprojekt Automatyka, Item, Fanuc Polska, Murrelektronik, Igus, Cormak, Metal-Technika Rafał Cygan, DIG Świtała, Centrum Maszyn CNC, Heverc, PAX PHU, IMF Electronic or Metal Technics Polska and many other.

The full list of registered exhibitors of the Warsaw Industry Week 2021 can be found at the link: https://industryweek.pl/en/exhibitors-list/

Due to the countless industries represented at the fair by exhibitors and visitors, Warsaw Industry Week is probably the richest industry event in Poland. The huge exhibition area dedicated to the organization of the event and the full infrastructure available on site give exhibitors unlimited opportunities to present their products. During the 5th edition of the industrial fair, participants will be able to see the offer of hundreds of companies operating in the field of metalworking, welding, varnishing, 3D printing, robotics, automation and many others. Modern and functional exhibition stands will emphasize the value of the presented assortment and will make it easier for visitors to communicate with company representatives and to get acquainted with the device or product they are interested in.

We kindly invite you to participate in the 5th edition of the International Fair of Innovative Industrial Solutions. See you at the fair!

ckhoff xplanar

XPlanar - a revolution in transportation

XPlanar - a revolution in transportation

During the 5th edition of Warsaw Industry Week, which will take place on November 8-10, 2021, Beckhoff will present the latest, innovative transport system – XPlanar. Bekhoff is a recognized brand, cooperating with partners all over the world – present in 75 countries on all continents.

The latest transport system – XPlanar, which will be displayed at the Beckhoff stand during the Warsaw Industry Week fair, is an innovative solution that starts a new era in transporting objects. XPlanar combines the advantages of a conventional approach and adds the effect of the free flow of products. As a result, it offers a wide range of new product handling functions within one machine or between several machines. As with autonomous vehicles, the user enjoys the freedom to freely move the media. Importantly, individual goods can be transported to any place, along any trajectory.

Levitating platforms

The phenomenon of the solution proposed by Beckhoff is the fact that platforms transporting products fly over special plates, which are an essential element of the system. This is possible thanks to the electromagnetic force, which maintains a constant distance between the platforms and the ground, so that they can move freely without hitting the ground. The tiles can be laid in any configuration, making it possible to flexibly install the communication route, while the software enables the continuous optimization of the transport path. The fact that the technology is based on electromagnetic force allows the platforms to move over walls and ceilings.

The platforms are fully mobile. With their help, it is possible to raise and lower transported objects within the range of 5 millimeters, and the ability of the platforms to perform a full rotation facilitates their appropriate positioning. What’s more, the platform also offers the possibility of weighing objects. Each single platform can be driven separately, which makes it possible to set a separate speed of one vehicle.

How it works?

XPlanar consists of flat drive modules, which, like rotary motors, consist of a set of coils and moving permanent magnets, passive elements used to transport products. Unlike rotary motors, in the XPlanar system, both coils and magnets are arranged in one plane.

Precise control of the coil current in the drive modules makes the passive pallets of permanent magnets slide smoothly over them, levitating over their surface. The compact drive modules are built end-to-end and contain all the components necessary for operation inside the housing. The electrically passive levitating paddles are not only particularly durable, but do not require any external systems to detect their position.

Apart from the pallets and drive modules, the only component required for operation is a Beckhoff industrial computer with TwinCAT 3 software and an EtherCAT cable. The real-time TwinCAT system works as a motion controller for levitating paddles and prevents collisions between them.

The innovative XPlanar system offers a wide range of applications, and also guarantees an increase in the efficiency of the production line and a reduction in production time.

XPlanar combines flexibility with the dynamics of linear motors, thus offering unrivaled optimization of production cycle times, including through the concept of product positioning also during processing. The use of levitating transport pallets that replace all mechanical elements – drastically reduces the costs of the application itself and its subsequent maintenance, and the use of as many as six degrees of freedom allows for a significant simplification of the mechanics of individual production stages.

RENEX Soldering Championship

Polish Soldering Championship 2021

This year’s Polish Soldering Championships will take place on November 8-10, 2021 during the Warsaw Industry Week. Competitors will compete in two categories.

The RENEX Soldering Championship is an annual industry event that has gained great recognition and interest among Polish specialists in the production and repair of electronic packages and has become a permanent fixture in the calendar of electronic industry events. This year’s edition of the Championships will be organized in cooperation with Warsaw Industry Week – the fastest growing industrial fair in Poland, which, as the organizers emphasize – will provide participants with even more attractions in one place.

The event has been organized for five years by RENEX Group – one of the largest and longest operating Polish companies in the electronics industry. As part of the established Technological and Training Center, RENEX specializes in providing a full range of products and services for companies producing and repairing electronic packages.

As commented by: Mrs. Marzena Szczotkowska-Topić and Mr. Predrag Topić, co-owners of RENEX Group – the company organizing the event:

We are happy to continue cooperation with PTAK Warsaw Expo – the organizer of the Warsaw Industry Week Fair. We are convinced that this combination of forces will ensure that this year’s edition of the Polish Soldering Championships will provide even more positive emotions in the spirit of sports competition. We invite everyone to participate – both players and fans. We are convinced that the situation in June will allow us to organize the event in a safe manner and meeting the expectations of all participants.



The participants, in accordance with the rules of the Championships, compete in two categories: Youth Polish Champion in Soldering, where the competitors are students and adepts of technical schools, and the Polish Champion in Soldering, where the competitors are representatives of electronics industry companies.

As every year, the organizers provide valuable prizes for the best players. The winners will receive material prizes in the form of professional devices and tools for electronics, as well as cash prizes. The RENEX Group – which is the organizer of the event and the sponsor of the Polish national team – will provide the winner of the Polish Champion in Soldering with preparations for the competition and cover the costs of transport and stay at the next European and World Championships.

The organizers will inform about registration and further planned attractions at the website: www.rsc.zone and on social media: www.facebook.com/RSC.zone/


Achieve success at Warsaw Industry Week

Achieve success at Warsaw Industry Week

The International Fair of Innovative Industrial Solutions, Warsaw Industry Week, is primarily a contracting event addressed to business representatives. Due to the countless branches of industry represented at the fair by our exhibitors and visitors, this is probably the most thematic industry event in Poland. During the three days of the fair, exhibitors will present products and solutions – from machine tools and production systems for cutting and forming, through precision tools and components to automated production.

The fair is a great place to invite your potential customer base and present your products to them in a working mode. This is one of the few occasions when you can meet so many customers in such a short time.

The previous edition of the Warsaw Industry Week was visited by over 13,000 guests, most of whom were professionals, who will certainly appreciate the opportunity to get to know about the full specification of the product they are interested in, as well as the opportunity to observe machines and devices at work. The huge space dedicated to the organization of the event allows exhibitors unlimited possibilities of presenting their offer. Appropriate care for the visual impressions and aesthetics of the stand, as well as effective communication, especially before the start of the event, will certainly draw more attention of the event participants to your offer. By following the tips below, you will strengthen your participation in the fair, and also save a lot of stress and money when organizing your stand.

Before participating in the fair, plan the concept of your stand. Think about what machines are most important to you – it will allow you to fully use the space and arrange the equipment of the stand.

Once you have the plan, it’s time to move on to the stand equipment. Its most important elements are:

Branding – the first element that visitors look for at the stand is a logo or company name. With the use of banners or – to enhance the effect – an LED screen, on which you will display how your tools and machines work in the production process.

Lighting – one of the most important elements of the stand, which will allow you to fully display the latest products. The intelligent play of lights will definitely increase the attractiveness of your stand and product.

The floor – complements and emphasizes the aesthetics of your stand, which we can see in all trade fair centers around the world. Therefore, the cover of the stand area is obligatory at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Power connection – imagine that you are about to get a new customer, but he needs to urgently use his phone, which is dead. Of course, you offer him a charger, but … you don’t have a connection at the stand. So, when asked if the electricity at the stand is important, we answer – of course!

A meeting place – the fair is tens of thousands of people and hundreds of attractions that generate a lot of noise. When planning your stand, remember about an elegant and well-equipped place to which you will invite potential contractors to make a deal.

The above few tips will surely help your company to achieve success at the fair. If you have questions and are looking for an idea for the implementation of your stand, browse our catalog and contact us – together we will create something special!

Attractions and activities

The stand must have substantive value, but in order to present it, visitors must be effectively gathered. The attractions you prepare will be of key importance here. Your brand ambassador presenting products, the possibility of active testing or awards for trade fair participants are just some of the ideas that will help distinguish your stand.

Also, do not forget about reliable human capital during fairs. Experts who go out to the client and attract him to the offer in an accessible way will be much more effective than one employee hidden in the depths of the exhibition.

Preparing new products is a great idea to involve and attract existing customers to the stand. We know from experience that all new products and premieres interest visitors the most. This is a great opportunity to refresh business relations with current partners and deepen cooperation.


All of the above elements make up the most important one – appropriate communication regarding the presence at the fair. As an organizer, we provide thousands of visitors and offer a wide range of pre-trade marketing collaboration using our channels. What we need to support you are announcements of attractions.

The fair is also a good place to invite the database of potential customers and present them face-to-face products. This is one of the few occasions when you can meet so many customers in such a short time. During the International Fair of Innovative Solutions for Industry, exhibitors can take advantage of the additional Hosted Buyers program. It is an effective initiative aimed at finding new business partners and developing companies abroad.

Shared success

A successful fair for our exhibitors means a sense of a job well done. We believe that this article will be useful for you and will allow both exhibitors and visitors to get the most benefit from participating in the Warsaw Industry Week. At each of the above stages, of course, we provide the necessary substantive support, and more details can be found in our “become an exhibitor” tab.

Warsaw Industry Week 2021

Warsaw Industry Week 2021

On November 8-10, 2021, the 5th edition of the International Fair of Innovative Industrial Solutions – Warsaw Industry Week will be held. Specialists from many areas of industry will meet again at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Every year, the event attracts more and more representatives of production environments, general directors, board members and industry specialists – who want to see the latest technological solutions in production. The event is characterized by a skilful combination of a traditional fair formula with a modern, individual approach to exhibitors and visitors. Additional value is brought by the possibility of using the Hosted Buyers program, launched for exhibitors who want to broaden their horizons and develop on foreign markets. Participation in the program gives the opportunity to precisely select the interviewee and establish valuable contacts in the selected industry.

The undeniable advantage of Warsaw Industry Week is convenient access to the Ptak Warsaw Expo Trade Fair and Congress Center as well as the availability of numerous parking places and a huge exhibition space. The location of the fair – right in the administrative and decision-making center of Poland attracts new groups of professional visitors interested in establishing valuable business contacts. Unlimited space and full technical facilities guarantee the exhibitors comfort and the possibility of creating outstanding stands that will allow for the appropriate presentation of all kinds of machines and devices.

Warsaw Industry Week includes 4 main industry salons

  • Metal Industry: machines and tools for metalworking, CNC machine tools, lasers, welding, abrasive equipment and materials, processing preparations, lubricants, components and coolants;
  • Automation Industry: automation and robotization, software for industry, control and measurement equipment, energy for industry, industrial electronics;
  • Wood Industry: machines and devices for woodworking, tools and components for the wood industry;
  • Coating Industry: surface preparation, chemical treatment, painting equipment, technological lines, surface protection

The International Fair of Innovative Solutions for Industry is also a series of accompanying events, as well as numerous conferences and workshops that will allow you to discuss key implementation problems and exchange experiences. The planned events to add splendor to the event include the Renex Soldering Championship of Poland in soldering, organized by the Renex Group company.

We invite you to read the detailed information about the 5th edition of the International Fair of Innovative Industrial Solutions Warsaw Industry Week and the accompanying events.

Summary of the 4th edition of Warsaw Industry Week

Summary of the 4th edition of Warsaw Industry Week

On November 15, 2019, the 4th edition of the International Fair of Innovative Industrial Solutions – Warsaw Industry Week ended. For 3 days, Ptak Warsaw Expo was a place for effective meetings of representatives of the following sectors: machinery, metal processing, plastics and wood.

The fourth edition of the event left no doubts as to the fact that Warsaw Industry Week is the fastest-growing industrial fair in Poland, and above all, a great event that attracts more and more industry professionals every year. While the first day was really decent, on the second day the halls were bursting at the seams!

The fair trade is primarily a contracting event addressed to business representatives, during which all branches of the industrial sector present themselves.

During the 4th edition of Warsaw Industry Week, 13,000 visitors visited Ptak Warsaw Expo. The largest group of attendees were specialists in the field of metal products, metal and wood processing, as well as the automotive and machine industry. The participants also included representatives of the railway and aviation industries, the furniture industry and the energy sector. The dominant group were the main mechanics, engineers and technologists from the above sectors as well as the management staff.

In 2019, during the Warsaw Industry Week, visitors had the opportunity to see the offers of 378 exhibitors – it is almost four times more than the first edition of the fair! Thanks to the huge exhibition area intended for the event (45,000 m2), the companies could present themselves on the areas of 100 or even over 200 square meters, which made it possible to show machines as well as entire production systems. The unlimited possibilities of presenting your own offer ensured the comfort of the exhibitors and allowed the guests to freely see the presented products.

During the International Fair of Innovative Solutions for Industry, exhibitors took advantage of the additional Hosted Buyers program. It is an effective initiative aimed at finding new business partners and developing companies abroad. In 2019, we arranged over 400 meetings, thanks to which our exhibitors established contacts and relationships with buyers from countries such as: Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus.

Among the opinions on establishing new business relations, the fair met the expectations of the participants, and in terms of financial benefits – Warsaw Industry Week beats competitive events.

Many factors influence the final evaluation of an event. The key factors are: obtained leads and costs. However, seemingly secondary elements, such as: good access, large and free parking, Wi-Fi internet access, a reasonable duration of the event and the availability of full infrastructure on site, contribute to the sum of experiences and translate into a general opinion about the fair. For those planning a longer stay, catering points on site during the event will certainly be a great convenience, as well as the rich accommodation base offered by the Warsaw agglomeration.

“We evaluate the fair very positively. Lots of professional, specific business contacts, both small and large corporations. I think this is one of the best events I have had the opportunity to attend and it is worth coming here!”- Adam Piszczatowski, Project Manager Bosch Rexroth Ltd.

“The Warsaw Industry Week fair consisted of hundreds of intense meetings. The collaborative robot solutions enjoyed the greatest interest, we were visited by customers from all over Poland, from Gdynia, through Krakow and Rzeszów. The companies see a great need for robotization. We will see you next year!” – Radosław Matiakowski, CEO of CoRobotics LTd.

The fair schedule included a rich program of accompanying events. Visitors had the opportunity to participate in numerous workshops, product presentations, examples of implementations and business cases. In 2019, during the Main Conference “Instruments of Industry 4.0”, participants learned about examples of implementations of modern technologies and innovations in Poland.

We invite you to read the detailed information about the 5th edition of the International Fair of Innovative Industrial Solutions – Warsaw Industry Week, which will take place on November 8-10, 2021 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.