Summary of Warsaw Industry Week 2023

Modern robots and the most interesting technological solutions. Warsaw Industry Week behind us

Warsaw Industry Week is the flagship event organized at Ptak Warsaw Expo. Its seventh edition attracted thousands of business visitors eager for contracting, networking, education and demonstrations of cutting-edge technologies. The success of the 2023 iteration has translated into planning for the next one, which will take place on October 22-24, 2024.

Warsaw Industry Week is the place where business needs meet cutting-edge technologies. It is the largest and most comprehensive industrial trade fair in Poland, presenting solutions for specific sectors of the industry. The Metalworking Zone showcased machines, equipment and technologies for mechanical metalworking, the Lasers 4.0 Zone showcased state-of-the-art lasers and software used in engraving, and the Robotics and Automation Zone showcased methods for automating and robotizing industrial processes and SCARA robots. In addition, visitors could learn about innovations in painting, hydraulics, pneumatics, welding, 3D printing, tools, woodworking, software and services for industry.

Why is Warsaw Industry Week such an important event for Polish industry?

Warsaw Industry Week is an important venue for Polish industry, as it helps integrate and strengthen the sector. According to analyses by the Central Statistical Office, the country’s industrial production is steadily declining. In July 2023, the research indicated its year-on-year slowdown of nearly three percent. This showed how important it is for the industry to get a boost and stimulate the sector’s prosperity. The event held at Ptak Warsaw Expo was their guarantor.

Warsaw Industry Week opened the Polish sector to international contracting, guaranteeing it the opportunity to establish partnerships with leading manufacturers, distributors and service providers from abroad. This made entering new markets easier, as well as guaranteeing a more secure business future.

What’s more, Warsaw Industry Week responded to the issues most relevant to Polish industry. This was possible thanks to the industry conferences that took place during the international fair. Instruments of Industry 4.0 dealt with better efficiency, sustainability, innovation in manufacturing operations through Industry 4.0 solutions. The theme of the PIME Conference during Warsaw Industry Week was smart energy – technologies, services, regulations. The Multiproject Technical Conference guaranteed knowledge on linear motors, SCARA robots, modular robots and the potential of Neura Robotics.

Also providing knowledge from specialists to specialists was the “Exhibitor Presentations and Trends” panel, where developers of innovative solutions presented their ideas to potential users. Among other things, they talked about innovation planning and financing, industrial digital transformation, modern scanners in the service of quality control or keys to security automation.

Warsaw Industry Week has been changing the face of Polish industry for years

Warsaw Industry Week has over the years earned its name as a leader in industry and innovation. Demonstrations of robotic solutions held during the event convince of the need to invest in cutting-edge technologies, and the presence of experts and sector leaders positively influences the growth of international competitiveness through cooperation.