Industry, development and innovation. The 6th edition of Warsaw Industry Week changed business

Industry, development and innovation.
The 6th edition of Warsaw Industry Week changed business

The sixth edition of Warsaw Industry Week, the fair of innovative industrial solutions, is behind us. It was packed with expertise and education that is transforming the industry.

Warsaw Industry Week, a compendium of industry knowledge

What distinguished the sixth edition of Warsaw Industry Week? Focusing on education and knowledge that can be acquired from top-class domestic and foreign experts. It was this event that guaranteed thousands of participants access to innovative information and news that develop business. At the same time, it has become a platform for exchanging views and ways of operating in the manufacturing industry.

This year, visitors could participate in the “Instruments of Industry 4.0” conference. During it, the challenges of the Polish industry, national research potential, optimization of design and manufacturing processes, validation of the concept of production lines and digitization were discussed. Lectures were given by Krzysztof Zaręba from the Ministry of Development and Technology, Piotr Dardziński from the Łukasiewicz Research Network or Jakub Sokolewicz from Siemens.

There was also a panel entitled “EnergyTech. Polish Energy for Polish Industry”. It was an event with a wide spectrum of topics. It addresses issues such as energy certification, cost of energy implementations of Industry 4.0 or green energy. The experts were Tomasz Biernacik, Anna Sapieha, Sebastian Jankowski, Andrzej Soldaty, Marcin Adamiak and Aleksandra Stępniak. Entrepreneurs operating in the varnishing industry also found something for themselves.

The conference “Paint shop in times of crisis” was a response to the current market and economic situation. A number of lectures concerned new technologies, cost optimization, paint recovery and reduction of organic compounds.

Warsaw Industry Week and an impressive number of industry sectors

During Warsaw Industry Week, every visitor could find something for themselves. All thanks to the exhibition zone, which presented the full range of the industry. You could take advantage of attractive offers and discounts in the area of metalworking, varnishing, hydraulics and pneumatics, lasers, welding, 3D printing, robotics and automation, tools, woodworking and software. There are no other events in the industry on such a large scale.

Numbers of Warsaw Industry Week.

During the sixth edition of the Warsaw Industry Week and Ptak Warsaw Expo event, 17,000 visitors visited the event, who got acquainted with the offers of over three hundred exhibitors. In addition, the participants could see over a thousand tons of machines and take part in over sixty lectures.

We invite you to the seventh edition of Warsaw Industry Week.

The interest in Warsaw Industry Week is growing year by year. We are all more than pleased to announce that the seventh edition of the event will take place on October 24-26, 2023! We encourage you to follow the official website of the event – There you will discover more exhibitors and attractions that will be waiting for you during the next edition of the fair.

Thank you for supporting the partners of the fair – Łukasiewicz Research Network, Metal Processing Cluster, Future Industry Platform, Infotec CNC and Industry 4.0 Center of the Silesian University of Technology. See you in a year!

Industry Week 2021 Summary

Industry Week 2021 Summary

The fifth edition came to an end. The largest industrial sector event in Central and Eastern Europe took place between 08.11.2021 and 10.11.2021.

What characterizes Ptak Warsaw Expo is not only the scale of our fair, but also the attention to detail and conscientiousness in the performance of our work. No wonder that this year’s edition of Industry Week turned out to be another great success. Hundreds of exhibitors presented their products, services and solutions, and thousands of industry customers appeared to establish valuable business contacts, deepen their knowledge of the market and trends prevailing on it.

Thousands visited us, and hundreds of exhibitors presented their products and services. The fifth edition gave visitors and exhibitors an unrivaled platform for discussion among world leaders in the sector.

This year’s edition was divided into 10 zones: Metal Processing, Painting, Welding, Robotics and Automation, Software, Laser Technologies – Lasers 4.0, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Wood Processing and Tools section.

Three fascinating conferences were held: Opportunities for participation of Polish entrpreneurs in orders of international organisations and the American army sationed in Poland.

Inherent in Industry Week – “Industry Instruments”. This year the conference was held under the slogan “Closer to Industry 4.0”. The speakers described to entrepreneurs the process of introducing new solutions to production plants, which by facilitating the process of “green and digital transformation”, bring closer the implementation of the vision of the industry of the future.

The vision of educating engineers. The competences of the future was a debate about good practices in the development of engineers’ competences. The debate was attended by representatives of industry, employees and students, and teaching institutions. The conference was organized in cooperation with the Jagiellonian University University.

It was also possible to take part in a seminar entitled: „Opportunities for Polish entrepreneurs to participate in the orders of an international organization and the American army stationed in Poland” and lectures of exhibitors such as Siemens or SEAM Group.

This year’s fair is another success on our list. We would like to thank everyone who appeared! We are glad that our customers have left the halls with signed contracts and are richer in the most up-to-date knowledge about the market, its trends and innovations.

See you next year!

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